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how to renew your wedding vows turkey

Looking for a sample of a very simple vow renewal ceremony script for your officiant to use for your ceremony ?
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I love a vow renewal ceremony! How special for a couple to celebrate their journey together as they look towards the future by reaffirming the vows they made to each other on their wedding day.
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Here are some step-by-step instructions for planning a lovely vow renewal ceremony for your marriage.
1. Invitations
Create your own invitations using your computer and printer. Lovely fonts and graphics can be downloaded from the internet for free.
Invitation kits are available at the office supply store and places like Walmart.
Greeting card kits will also work.You can also design your own using copy paper mounted on card stock. Check out the Dollar Tree for bargains on envelopes and paper. Remember to keep sizes standard to eliminate extra postage charges.

2. Officiant
You don’t need a legal officiant for a vow renewal, so ask a friend or family member to preside over the ceremony. Some churches also conduct vow renewal ceremonies at no charge, be sure to ask!

3. Ceremony and Reception Locations
Depending on how many guests you are wanting to have, you may be able to hold your ceremony in a public garden, park, or building. Check with the regulations with your city and/or local parks department. Some spaces have natural seating built in, you could set up lawn chairs, or have guests stand. Picnic shelters also work well for reception spaces and can usually be rented for a small fee.
Your home is also a perfect place to hold your vow renewal ceremony and reception.
If you are a member of a church, you may also find that you can use their facilities at no charge.

4. Decorations for the reception
If you want table decorations think simple – one great idea is to put the cupcakes on cake plates and use them as centerpieces and make serving desert easy. You could also check your local nursery for inexpensive potted flowers. Another great option is to place single assorted flowers in assorted vases on each table. A collection of three vases per table is perfect for this. Ask friends and family to borrow any they have. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day vow renewal, another really fun option is to pick up children’s Valentine cards at the Dollar Tree and place them with pens on the tables in the center. Have guests fill them out and give them to each other or you as a great memento of the occasion.

vow renewal ceremony planner in bodrum turkey
A few of notes:
There is no budget for alcohol in this list – that’s because it is a huge expense and doesn’t fit very well into a small budget vow renewal.
We’re assuming you either have or have access to plenty of crock pots, roasters, coffee pots, and beverage containers at no cost through family, friends, or church.
You’re counting on the help of family and friends to help with setup, serving, clean up, and general support.
Cutting your guest list back to only the most important people in your life will definitely save you money.
If you really want to serve alcohol, have a late evening reception and opt for an inexpensive sparkling wine paired with simple appetizers and cake.
A classic backyard cookout or even pizza delivery can be other great “catering” options that will keep you on budget.
If we missed something that you need ideas for, just let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to help! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest ideas each week too!

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