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indian luxury Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum Turkey

If you are looking indian Wedding Planner in Bodrum Turkey!
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Luxury indian Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum Turkey…
indian Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels , How to find your Perfect indian Wedding Hotels&Honeymonn in Bodrum?
We at the Indian Wedding Planners have organized numerous such functions of National and International importance. We provide, Complete Wedding, Party or Event related Information, Product and Services Globally to suit your Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements.
if you want indian Luxury Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum Turkey…
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luxury indian wedding turkey

Plan Your indian Wedding With Us
You have been Guest to so many Weddings & Now its your own turn to get married.
You want to Have a Dream Wedding.
You want to Have a Big Fat Indian Wedding.
You want to Have a Royal Wedding.
You want to Have a Beach Wedding.
You want to Have a Theme Wedding.
You want to Have a Exotic Wedding.
You want to Have a Traditional Indian Wedding.
Please write or call us, we will do the rest.
A team of our experienced Professionals from different fields visit your place when most of the family members to know their priorities. You have to tell us that :
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”indian-wedding-2″ width=”625″ height=”356″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4088″ /></a>
What is the Occasion?
+ Wedding.
+ Theme Party.
+ Anniversary.
+ Birth Day.
+ Jubilee Parties.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Big-Fat-Indian-wedding” width=”640″ height=”427″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4087″ /></a>
How many functions are there and when?
+ Announcement Party.
+ Engagement.
+ Rokka.
+ Godh.
+ Tikka.
+ Ring Ceremony.
+ Mehandi.
+ Sangeet.
+ Cocktail.
+ Bachelors Party.
+ Hen Party
+ Wedding.
+ Reception.
+ Birth Day.
+ Anniversary.
+ Jubilee Party etc.
Their tentative dates for the same.
Is there any Theme or Dress Code of each Function.
How many Guests will be there in each and every function?
+ Proposed Guests List.
Where you want to Organize these functions?
+ Lots of people are opting for Destination Weddings or Parties. Do you want to explore International Destination Weddings, which are exclusive different and have unique experience.
+ Royal Weddings.
+ Beach Weddings.
+ Adventure Weddings.
+ bosphorus View Weddings.
+ Religious Venue Weddings.
+ Romantic Weddings.
+ Metropolitan Weddings.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Indian-wedding-traditions” width=”590″ height=”393″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4090″ /></a>
What is the Budget?
+ Total Budget of the Wedding, Party or Events also preferences if any of itemized budget.
Requirements of each and every member of the family.
+Priorities if any of all the family members.
+After that we plan it out and spread whole of the budget; looking in to the family requirements; on the following elements
1. Designer Invitations & Accompaniments.
2. Shopping & Trousseau.
3. Venues & Accommodation.
4. Sets, Themes, Concepts & Decorations.
5. Menu Planning, F & B and Bar Tendering Services.
6. Designers & Accessories.
7. Choreography, Music & Entertainment.
8. Photography : Still & Video.
9. Rentals.
10. Wedding, Hospitality & Destination Management & Other allied services.
After getting approval from your end about Plans and Budget.
We do Vender Selection, Negotiations, Co-ordination, Supervision, Control & Management of services on your behalf.
if you want indian Luxury Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum Turkey…
Please contact [email protected]
İndian Wedding&Honemoon Hotels İn Bodrum Turkey (İndian Wedding Service in Bodrum Turkey )
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”kempinski bodrum” width=”480″ height=”328″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4004″ /></a>
Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum
Weddings in a landscape of elegance…
Invite your guests to experience the unique tranquility and elegance of the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, an idyllic backdrop for today’s stylishly serene and minimalist weddings, where the blue of the sea and sky, the green of the hills and the trees are a rich natural palette for your celebration of love.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Kuum Hotel” width=”500″ height=”335″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3999″ /></a>
Kuum Otel Bodrum
We provide unlimited space and imagination for you to have the wedding or the cocktail party or the corporate meeting, the launching assembly of your dream…
Our Executive chef will be preparing the most exquisite dishes and provide you delicately selected menus for your special events…
Tell us the dream of your organization and let us turn this into reality with our professional service quality and understanding….
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”The Marmara Bodrum” width=”335″ height=”276″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4000″ /></a>
The Marmara Bodrum
Where Bodrum’s romanticism and your dream wedding come together in “I do”…
Following a 1-hour cocktail at the panoramic Tuti Light House looking out onto spectacular views of Bodrum, an unforgettable wedding reception, with a special wedding dinner prepared by The Marmara Bodrum’s award-winning chefs, awaits you and your guests. As the wedding cake is being cut, champagne is served to toast the newlyweds; other surprises like these are sure to make your special day at The Marmara Bodrum one you will cherish forever.
To ensure that this day goes just as planned, the smallest details relating to the wedding organization are taken care of, from the special guest sign-in book to private hotel-airport transfers for your guests. With your choice of music genres and songs, the DJ will get the party going so that you and your guests can enjoy every moment of this special night. Upon request, a hairdresser, photography and videography are all extra services that can be added to the wedding package.
Recipient of the “Five Star Diamond Award” and one of the world’s best boutique hotels, The Marmara Bodrum is the venue of choice for both summer and winter weddings alike.
The Marmara Bodrum is also one of the select locations for honeymooners wishing to celebrate their nuptials with all-inclusive services. Newlyweds will be showered with surprises on this incredibly romantic and utterly unforgettable honeymoon. Special rooms decorated for honeymooners, wine and a fruit basket in the room upon arrival, a 30-minute synchronized couples massage, 10% discount for SPA treatments and VIP airport transfers are only a few of the many services included in the honeymoon package to ensure that newlyweds have the time of their lives.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”avantgarde hotel” width=”230″ height=”324″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4011″ /></a>
Avantgarde Hotel Yalıkavak
Wedding at Bodrum …4 Seasons and 1 Wedding
In the summertime, leave your pinky dreams behind and let yourself go with the whitewash scenery that winks at you in between the white traditional houses of Yalikavak. Dive deep into the rich blue of the sea and walk down the aisle with your lifelong love…
In the autumn, wander around the old, pink-bougainvillea streets of Yalikavak, with the freedom of staying away from the big city and walking bare foot. Enjoy the first days of the wedding life with your lifetime love and welcome the next season of your life with your wedding in Bodrum at Avantgarde Yalikavak Hotel.
Enter the first night of your lifelong happiness together in the most beautiful spot of Yalikavak. Your joy together will increase as you are spoilt by the deepest blue waters of the Aegean and you swim in the serene waters of the Küdür Bay. With its large garden, natural texture and amazing vista, you will turn your wedding night into an epic Bodrum legend. When you shout it out with great excitement and say “Yes!” under the stars and besides the private beach, you will eternalize your happiest moment in the company of 500 guests and delight in all the privileges that Avantgarde Yalikavak has tendered for you, until sunrise. Your beach wedding in Bodrum is enhanced by the a la carte Restaurant’s special local and global cuisines. We will ensure your wedding day menu is only surpassed by the matchless wedding cake that will settle the way to your beloved’s heart. Your guests may like to drink a toast for your lifelong happiness at the unique Beach Bar while leaving you alone for the first hours of your wedding life.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”sianji” width=”500″ height=”262″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4012″ /></a>
Sianji Wellbeing Resort
Whether you are dreaming of a beach wedding or wedding on our numerous grass venues your weddings or events becomes a fairy tale at Sianji. Imagine saying yourself yes with an astonishing panorama in the background during the sunset and then dining our gourmet event menus on the grass venue just behind the beach, Sianji is waiting to make your special events more special.
Named after the capital city of the Babylonian civilization, Babylonia, this area is at your service with its fascinating atmosphere for your countryside weddings and special organizations in the open air with its magnificent sea view in the summer – where each and every detail is taken into consideration…
Babylonia has a seating capacity for 1500 people. This area where the stage is taken as the focal point is designed to allow you to share your exclusive moments with the people you love facing a magnificent view and getting a 7-star service.
<a href=”çakızı-hotel.jpeg”><img src=”çakızı-hotel.jpeg” alt=”maçakızı  hotel” width=”640″ height=”426″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3997″ /></a>
Maçakızı Bodrum
From intimate, exquisite weddings to official corporate functions and extravagant, indulgent parties, Maçakızı promises to turn every special occasion into an unforgettable event.
Maçakızı hotel is available for private hire between April 1st and December 31st.
Whether you require the exclusive use of the hotel, or part of it we can produce, manage and host
your event:
♠ 74 hotel rooms
♠ 2 restaurants
♠ Meeting facilities
♠ Lighting, sound, AV equipment, IT and security
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”bodrum-hotel-venues-detail-01″ width=”700″ height=”467″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3998″ /></a>
Mandarin Oriental Bodrum
From intimate beach weddings to fabulous cocktail parties, we’ll make sure your celebration is one to remember
Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum offers a wonderful location for weddings and events. With a wealth of facilities, an idyllic setting and an excellent service, we will ensure that your event will be one to remember forever.
<a href=”ıcı.jpg”><img src=”ıcı.jpg” alt=”grand yazıcı” width=”366″ height=”243″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3944″ /></a>
Grand Yazıcı Bodrum
Wedding Package
The most special signings of love..!
Has been signing at Bodrum weddings.
The most exclusive and unforgettable weddings have been doing at Grand Yazıcı Boutique Hotel Bodrum with a perfect Bodrum view…
have been doing at Grand Yazıcı Beach Club Torba
On the sea…
After wedding ceremony
“After party” in the pool
Wedding Package
Welcome Cocktail,
Wedding Ceremony,
Wedding Dinner,
After Party…
Extra services
Decoration, flower service, photographer and video recording service,
Music band or live Dj performance,
Special car for wedding, coiffeur and other services based on request…
Honeymoon suite,
Strawberry with Chocolate and Champaign,
Breakfast service to the room,
Special massage to the couples
if you want wedding venues in Bodrum Turkey !
Please contact [email protected]
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if you want indian Luxury Wedding&Honeymoon Hotels in Bodrum Turkey…
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